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Treat Ideas


You are probably reading this page because a medical or other professional referrer has told you The Mockingbird Trust can organise a treat for you. But perhaps you don’t know what to ask for?


Well, you’ve come to the right place.


Here are some ideas to help you decide. Choose one of these, or something else - it’s up to you. 

Just let your professional know what you’d like, they’ll complete a referral form for you and, if your treat is available and within budget, we’ll do the rest. You can bring along a few friends or family members and we can even arrange the transport.


Eating out 

A meal out at a restaurant – you choose where.



A trip to see a favorite artist or group.



Tickets to see a game or match, or any sporting event we can get tickets for.


Theme Parks and Visitor Attractions

There are so many to choose from. Where would you like to go? 



Fancy seeing a smash hit in London or closer to home? What would you choose?



What about seeing a comedian live?



How about a day at a spa or a pampering day organised for you at home?


Something Else

Perhaps there’s something you want for your home or bedroom? 


Let your professional know what you’d like, and we’ll do our best to organise it for you.

Creating treasured moments for young people with cancer


Creating treasured moment for young people with life limiting illnesses

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